Friday, December 29, 2006

Simple Wisdom on a Resolution

Do what you love.

Simple as that.

What would you love to do in 2007? Big, small or rediculously crazy, name it, own it and go after it. A year is a long amount of time to achieve what you want. Change your attitude, get a dog, pay off your debt, go climb the seriously huge mountains of the world. Resolutions don't always have to be what you love, but if they clear the path of clutter lying in the way of doing what you love, go for it!

Do what you love.

I wish you success, prosperity and love in the New Year!

All my best,
Coach Katie

Friday, December 22, 2006

Momentum Coaching's Newest Additions

Good morning,

I wanted to update you on some of my new additions for 2007! I'm looking for new energy, new challenges and new experiences in the New Year (do you see a theme here?). Here's a sneek peek at the new pathways for Momentum Coaching:

Personal Momentum:
Tackle your personal goals, practice extreme self care and get ready to indulge in life. Personal Momentum is one-on-one coaching done 3 times a month via phone in 60 minute sessions. Through our sessions, we will work on ways to increase your own personal momentum by creating awareness and action and accountability in your life.

Professional Momentum:
Move closer to your passion and gain focus! Navigate your way through a sea of career choices by exploring what you truly want out of a profession. This pathway includes six weeks of career coaching that are bursting with exercises to visualize the type of future you want, embrace the unique strengths you possess and give you the tools to become a magnet for your ideal career. Indulge in a career that supports your life instead of living your life around your job!

Romantic Momentum:
Coming up with fresh ideas in a relationship is not an easy task. Romantic Momentum is a short series of one-on-one sessions for planning unique dates, anniversaries or engagements. This step-by-step process helps you get in touch with your inner creative romantic and the little details that make your relationship special. Create the perfect romantic occasion for you and your partner!

Take advantage of a new year early and get a jumpstart on those burning goals and beautiful dreams you hold so close. I would love to hear from you! Energize your moments in 2007 with a new perspective!

Enjoy the journey and create your adventures,
Coach Katie

Add some "NEW" to your life!

*Warning* This blog uses the word NEW far too often and may cause NEW dreams to enter your reality.

I'd like to talk about NEW opportunity today. Take a quick moment to reflect on your experiences, adventures and lessons in 2006:

What was new for you?

What have you done that you are proud of?

How much personal growth have you allowed to happen?

Where do you want to go next?

This year sped by at a rapid pace for me, personally. This may very well be my last blog entry for 2006, but who knows, I might just surprise you. I do love surprises. As I see each task on my list wrapping up for the year, I get a little sentimental. It's been a great year. I'm not sure I'm ready to see it go, but I am excited for the prospect of a NEW 2007.

I met a friend of mine for an evening of pre-holiday drinks and great conversation last night. We decided that 2007 should be everyone's "best year yet." I'm sure someone out there can give you statistics (but I cannot) about 7 being a lucky number for the masses. So, what will you do with a little lucky 7 on your side?

Each year as the clock strikes midnight and the time transitions us from one year to the next, I bask in the thought of a new beginning, a clean break, a fresh slate. New beginnings are thrilling. Adrenaline and endorphins rush through us anytime we start something new. A new sport, a new house, a new relationship, a new addition to the family, a new business, a new idea...anything NEW causes excitement within us.

Not only that, but with every new experience, we learn more about ourselves, our limits and our abilities. Stepping into a new challenge is one of the best confidence boosters you can find. You've heard the term "trial by fire." This is a HUGE learning experience. Getting thrown into the fire forces us to take on new responsibilities to prove ourselves. It's the thinking that gets in the way sometimes.

As you enter the new year, push aside the anxiety and tackle your newest dream.

Take some time with these questions:
What will you accomplish in '07?

What have you been putting off?

What do you want to offer the world?

Make 2007 your "lucky 7" and add some NEW to your life! That is my challenge for you as the clock strikes midnight this year.

Spice it up,
Coach Katie

Monday, December 18, 2006

Clean Out the Clutter...Stop the Madness! Pass it on.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we're all on overdrive. Scurrying to get presents on time, in the mail and ordered, we wait in line, in traffic and on the phone. We're late to everything because everyone is rushing around doing the same thing! It's madness out there and if you're anything like me, it's madness within your own house, too. In my hustle to get out the door to various holiday parties last week I left cooking utensils on the counter, wrapping paper on the floor and a various assortment of holiday trimmings scattered throughout my house. Santa has officially ransacked my lovely home.

I woke up this morning, completely geared up to get a full day of work done, except I couldn't find my files, my papers or my mind. I figured I must have left it with the kitchen utensils, right next to the coffee pot on the counter. So, I filled my cup and slowly waded back into my office, trying to decide which pile of leftover mess to tackle first.

When our lives get cluttered so do our minds. Ever notice how you are more forgetful around the holidays? Easily distracted? Quickly irritated? You're cluttered. Stop the madness. Seriously. Give yourself a few moments throughout the day to breathe in and breathe out with thought. Focus on your breath, focus on something that centers you and let it go. Life is far more accessible when your own mind is up to the challenge. Let alone your spirit!

Start with the messy rooms in your house and your brain will begin to feel less cluttered. Open space, open mind. Now, take your dog for a walk, because if you're anything like me, your pets are feeding off of your anxious energy and driving you mad! Tired dog, happy owner. I have a wise friend who says that.

Now, take some more deep breathing soul treatments and make a list of things that need to get done. Remove the stress of remembering it all and put it down on paper. Decide which needs to be first and get going. Enter the snow globe of swirling flakes *ahem* snowflakes and don't mind the hustle. The new, centered and profoundly calm you can now walk through the streets of downtown and not be bothered by the madness that has infected other holiday goers.

Gifting yourself with a positive, clean environment allows you to give back far more than your checkbook can. Caring, content, courteous you is making someone's holiday right now with a smile and breath of calm, fresh air. Pass it on.

Happy Holidays and Good Cheer to you and yours,
Coach Katie

Friday, December 15, 2006

Unexpected Moments

Unexpected meetings with friends, lucky opportunities, surprise phone calls. These are the little details of life that make it interesting and meaningful. They serve as a reality check for me to experience the magic flowing quietly through my existence. I've had quite a few run-ins lately with unexpected moments. Every one makes me more and more thankful for this beautiful life I've lived so far. Think back to the last time you had an unexpected meeting, or a lucky opportunity.

Frankly, I don't believe in luck. I believe things happen for a reason. We heighten our awareness around something we want and when the time is right *boom* it's knocking on our door. My favorite of the 28 Principles of Attraction is to create a vacuum to pull you forward. Instead of pushing so hard for something, you strategically place yourself in front of the opportunity so it comes to you. Here's an example:

Say you want to paint for a living. You're passionate about it, you know your talent, you believe in your skill. Instead of telling everyone about your dream, knocking downthe door of every art gallery and paying tons of money for advertisement, make it easy on yourself. Research your key players in the art world that can speak to the audience you wish to reach. Create an oppotunity to get in front of them and *boom* instant word of mouth advertising...or a better connection that will create another open door, and another, and another. You get the point.

Don't force things. Follow your dream where it wants to go. Remain focused, but choose the right keys along the way. Swing those doors wide open and most likely, someone or something will be there with your next checkpoint...pulling your forward. Create opportunity today! Ask for what you want. I practice this with you.

Enjoy the weekend,
Coach Katie

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fulfilling Life

I'd like to share a resource with you. This is a great way to keep account of what you would like to do, what you have accomplished and what you are working towards. allows users to make life lists of dreams, goals and aspirations. "To-do" lists for life if you will. It's a great tool to keep all of your dreams in one place! Enjoy!

Choosing Your Path

Last night, I settled into my bed with my rice paper light on above me. I had decided to start a book by Maya Angelou called, "Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now." Hooked by the first few pages, I stayed up until the tender hours of the morning to finish it. Seldom do I read a book cover to cover in one sitting, but this one was filled with so much wisdom, I couldn't put it down. I'd like to share a little piece of Maya Angelou's voice with you today in hopes that you, too, absorb this powerful message.

"Each of us has the right and the responsibility to assess the roads which lie ahead, and those over which we have traveled, and if the future road looms ominous or unpromising, and the roads back uninviting, then we need to gather our resolve and, carrying only the necessary baggage, step off that road into another direction. If the new choice is also unpalatable, without embarrassment, we must be ready to change that as well."
Maya Angelou, "Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now," page 24

What do your roads look like? Are you proud of the ones you have chosen, which have delivered you to the location you are at now? Are you excited about the direction the one in front of you leads? Do you need to step off the path you are on to create your own?

Every once in a while, we clearly see the position we are in and can take into full account the scenery around us. If we are content with that place, it can be a very satisfying moment. If the environment we are in makes us anxious or angry, it is then that we need to shift directions and move against the wind. We should enjoy the journey.

Enjoy your path today,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quote for the Day

"Opportunity is often missed because we are broadcasting when we should be tuning in." - Anonymous

Where do you need to be tuning in?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Generational Gap...What Do Our Young Generations Have to Offer?

It's fair to say that generational gaps will always be a source of sour faces. Comparing stories of uphill journeys in the snow both ways only shows the push of ego against ego. Each generation has found their own secret to happiness and wants to stake their claim. So, which generations have come the farthest and what do our younger generations have to offer?

Marketing gurus are learning that Baby Boomers are becoming their newest consumer. Moving into their "third-age," as it's being coined, these mid-lifers are looking for new hobbies, interests and careers to keep them fulfilled as they enter a revised version of retirement. Most Baby Boomers no longer want to retire completely. Instead, they are seeking careers that fulfill their passions and keep them busy while still allowing them time to play. Marika and Howard Stone have written: "Too Young to Retire," a valuable resource for Baby Boomers faced with the dilemna of "what do I do next?"

Generation X has been dealt a different hand. Pressed to work hard for what they want, many have put family and lifestyle on hold in favor of their careers. Women have forced their way through glass ceilings at all costs. With the cards on the table, some are finding that they have a choice: start a family or continue with the career they have worked so hard to build. It's a very real problem that Lia Macko and Kerry Rubin write about in: "Mid-Life Crisis at 30-How the Stakes Have Changed for a New Generation and What to do About It."

Critics come down hard on Generation Y saying that they want instant success, more time off and less work. I think it's important to notice the need among this generation for healthy work-life balance. It is a lesson they learned from previous generations. From my research over the past year, I have found that most Generation Y workers feel they can get more done in less time thanks to advancements in technology. As a result, they often ask to use their extra time for personal reasons because they can finish the same amount of work in less time. Many are irreplaceable in their companies as they continue to increase productivity. In addition, this generation is starting their own companies, chasing their dreams and taking chances. Fear is an afterthought to success.

Business Week recently did an article on the most successful startups by this generation. It might surprise you.

Learning from older generations, duplicating their success and failing to repeat their mistakes is smart business. Improving the system and creating a life we love to live is our responsibility. Perhaps we have something to learn from younger generations as well.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Childlike Innocence

I am taking some time off this weekend to visit with my parents. It reminds me of younger days when I blindly trusted my childhood innocence. It always makes me laugh when I catch myself back in one of those moments. A smile begins to spread across my face as I realize what is happening.

Usually it happens in the midst of friends. We're playing games, we are low on sleep or we've had one too many glasses of wine. Laughter among friends is the most beautiful sound - I read that somewhere. I try to pause in the middle of those giggle-fests to make a memory and cherish the moment.

My childhood innocence sneaks up on me even when I'm alone. I'll catch myself singing in the mirror, or sliding across the floor in my socks. Chuckling, I know it is a moment of pure pleasure. Silliness breeds grinning.

And grinning is never a bad thing.

One of my favorite movies has one constant quote throughout: "never loose your childlike innocence." I love that quote. Even though we're adults, we still need to be silly. It reminds us we're never too old to have fun. Spark your imagination.

Take this weekend to do something silly. Go jump in a puddle, go make breakfast for dinner, go have a silly string fight. Whatever you choose to do, be sure you are grinning from ear to ear and that your sides hurt from so much giggling.

Much love and laughter,
Coach Katie

Monday, October 16, 2006

Inspiration from Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is a huge inspiration for me. Her words are solid and secure, like huge hardwoods with their roots buried deep in the ground. She has found her natural beauty, accepted her strongest gifts and overcome many trials in life.

Some quotes from Maya to inspire you today:

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

"The main thing in one's own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry."

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it."

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning."

"All great achievements require time."

"I believe that every person is born with talent."

I especially love that last one. Have a wonderful week,
Coach Katie

Friday, October 13, 2006

Never Stop Learning

Walking down endlessly long, poorly lit hallways lined with gray lockers was never my idea of an exciting place to learn. While I value those years and the knowledge I took with me, I much prefer the lessons absorbed before and after those years. After all, isn’t life just an ongoing apprenticeship with a few fleeting moments of mastery?

In our early years, we questioned little when it came to authority and often when it came to life. Our parents were usually right, you didn’t talk back to adults and life was full of possibility. We jumped in puddles to see the splash, we made telephones out of cups and string and we felt the grass between our toes often just because it felt good. We questioned everything from why the grass was green to why someone would be so mean to us.

I believe the reverse is true the older we get. Our authority figures are growing older and are now “old-fashioned or stuck in the past.” Our lives have become structured with habit, and summon very few energizing moments. In many ways, we’ve become numb.

I’ve said it often, “the more I learn, the less I know.” As a highly intelligent society, our minds are constantly bombarded with new technology, concepts and integrative thinking. As a result, we feel challenged and sometimes fulfilled. My challenge to you this month is to fulfill your personal desires through learning.

Sign up for a class today, listen to someone's advice, be a mentor. Do something for you, to help you learn a new topic or gain a new perspective.

Have a great weekend,
Coach Katie

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The More I Learn, the Less I Know

There is a kind of knowledge that can make you mindless.
There is a kind of intelligence that will leave you empowered.

Last night I went to see a lecture by Dr. Andrew Weil. He talked a lot about integrative medicine and what vitamins, supplements, etc are useful to maintaining and improving our health. He carried no notes, his leaned on the side of the podium like he was having a conversation with a good friend. The theater we were in was packed. HIs voice was clear and his words were fluent. Having no background in medicine, I understood what he was telling me, his words were clear. Delivering his talk was easy because he knew each fact, detail and story. His research is extensive, his travels have been far. I can't imagine knowing so much.

That hour and a half speech was a very healthy reminder for me. One I have often, but am astounded by it everytime.

The more I learn, the less I know. Each time I feel I've become an expert on a particular topic, I wake up to the realization that I've only captured a small slice of the knowledge available. To think that I've even come close to enlightenment is a fantasy. Sometimes I let myself live in that fantasy. Particularly when I've captured a great tool for personal empowerment. Realistically, my world has just opened up a little bit more. A tiny fragment of light coming in through a thousand doors still in front of me waiting eagerly to be opened at the right time.

In my opinion, knowledge works in two ways. It can open your mind to new possibilities, opportunities and higher thinking. OR, it can aid you in closing your mind to thinking there is only one right way. I try my best to remember that my world is limited by what I know and there is always more to learn. There is a kind of knowledge that can make you mindless.
There is a kind of intelligence that will leave you empowered.

That being said, two wonderful things come from limited knowledge. First, what you do learn will inspire action. By tipping off your interest on a particular topic, you attract others who can fortify that knowledge, or open new doors toward your goal. For instance, when I heard about coaching, I knew nothing about the field except that I was curious. That curiosity led to questions. From those questions, I met others who had hired coaches, which led to coaches who were practicing. From there I learned about the field, hired a coach and began taking classes to get certified. All from a simple curiosity.

Second on the list of empowerment that drives limited knowledge is a lack of understanding when it comes to failure. There is a reason they say "Hindsight is 20/20." How many choices would you have run screaming in the other direction from if you'd only known what the outcome would be? With limited knowledge before the leap of starting a business, getting into a relationship, taking a trip, accepting a don't know failure. You have the highest expectations. While they don't always work out, you always learn a valuable lesson from the failures. In which case, they weren't failures at all. Many times you realize just what you're made of. They make you stronger and as a result, you have again increased your knowledge. When they do work out, it is often not in the way you expected. With that knowledge ahead of time, you may have limited your perception of your ability. Again, you've found out what you're made of.

I started off this post with these words and I'll end it that way, too:

There is a kind of knowledge that can make you mindless.
There is a kind of intelligence that will leave you empowered.

Don't limit yourself with knowledge today, let your heart have a say as well,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Do What You Were Born To Do

I was listening to a song the other day. We all know that inspiration comes from countless sources. Music often inspires me, but this time I was touched by one line in particular. From a song called, Wagon Wheel, written by Bob Dylan with additional lyrics by Ketch Secor and performed by the Old Crow Medicine Show comes this verse:

Runnin' from the cold up in New England
I was born to be a fiddler in an old-time stringband
My baby plays the guitar
I pick a banjo now

The line that struck me was: I was born to be a fiddler in an old-time stringband

This is not your ordinary dream.

I would be willing to bet that quite often we have thoughts about what we would like to be, or do, or be known for. And then we push them aside for a more conventional path. What would you do if you didn't have to get paid? What dreams have you buried instead of owning up to?

Being a fiddler in an old-time stringband is neither lucrative, nor highly accepted (unless you are in a well-known band). This artist writes about someone who has followed their dream because deep down they felt that burning desire to do so. It is said with such a matter-of-fact tone.

Entertain your deepest, wildest, most outlandish dreams. Even if it's just for a moment. Talk about them, invite them back into your life. What do feel you were born to do?

Live in that certainty today,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Take A Step, Move a Mile

Thousands of writers have written about it, thousands of friends have advised with it, thousands of inspirational speakers have promoted it...

IT is the theory that if you do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to move towards a goal you have, you will be closer to it. Why?

Makes sense right? Martha Beck, author of Leaving the Saints, and contributor for O! The Oprah Magazine writes, "Your frustration comes not from a difficult choice but from the way you think you have to choose." Her first piece of advise about being happy is to do something. She says if that doesn't work, go do something else.

It kind of makes you laugh doesn't it? It seems so simple. To be something. Huh. That's not so hard. Our fears, our doubts and our inability to remain focused can be amazingly painful to our momentum. Do something today. Take that first scary step forward. Find that little twinge of excitement that comes from movement. Use that twinge to eventually create a flood of happiness into your life because you are actively pursuing what you WANT.

Start your momentum today,
Coach Katie

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sense-Sational Living

I think life can be quite pleasing to the appetite if we’re willing to experiment with the ingredients a little bit. Instead of following the traditional recipe – go to college, study hard, get married, start a family, maintain a career – Spice it up a bit! Add a pinch of thyme, a dash of old sage and a little hot “sass.”

I don’t know about you, but my senses demand to be used and appreciated. To me, living is not simply an act of getting up day after day and earning money to support my lifestyle. I like to nourish the little moments in between. Indulging in all of my senses makes me feel alive and aware. Allowing my attention to focus on what I am experiencing gives me a renewed sense of balance. Sometimes that involves a touchstone of some sort, sometimes a need to get away and yet other times it’s enough just to drum up a good memory.

Growing up I always wanted the toys that smelled good. My Mom always recalls how from the time I was 3 until I was 7, our house smelled like strawberry shortcake. Now, my house is filled with candles, though admittedly, none of them smell like strawberries. I crave candles with scents of eucalyptus, bergamot or sage. Something about those scents transport me into another place. One with history, wisdom and a story all it's own. Why is it that certain smells can propel you into the past? For me, it’s the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking. Instantly, I’m back in my mother’s kitchen, adding the flour and measuring out the brown sugar. Naturally, I make a point to bake cookies as much as possible.

When it comes to food, I’m a mixer. I mix my meat with the mashed potatoes and I spill gravy over onto my vegetables. I appreciate the combination of different tastes. Confusing my palate with different types of ethnic foods, or a new wine is actually quite a rush for me. Some flavors become habit, while others are a momentary treat. Personally, I savor the mornings when the coffee is measured out so perfectly I could drink 10 cups in spite of the uncontrollable foot shake that would result. Tasting food and drink, instead of rushing to finish is very important to me. Combining good food with good friends is the perfect recipe for a very satisfying meal.

With good friends always comes sincere touch. Have you ever encountered a stiff armed hugger? They hug you like suddenly their arms have turned to lead – cold and unable to bend. I like a good hug. So much can be said between two people without a word being exchanged. I cherish the hugs shared between good friends. Touch goes beyond physicality between two people though. Everyday we encounter millions of textures. How often do we notice? Nature cooks up the best texture in my opinion. Some of my favorites are grass between my toes, cool water racing over my skin and rough rock beneath my fingertips.

Nature also offers beautiful sounds. Listening to the bugs start their evening serenade as the day winds down and the evening begins is therapeutic for me. Sitting beside a river bed, I let my mind race with the sounds of the water flowing by. Also calming for me is hearing the wind blow over an open field on a spring day or howl through the trees during a gusty evening. Deafening thunderclaps from a passing storm remind me how safe I am in my home. Other sounds evoke emotions within me as well. Different types of music make my mood dance with rage, love or energy. To agree with Maya Angelou, the human voice is perhaps the most beautiful instrument of all. Laughter seasons my heart and sweet words drain stress from my day.

My mind often works in photographs and text. I am a creative soul, so I’ve always been visual. By the minute, my mind describes to me what my eyes soak in, almost like poetry. I have countless photographs stored away in my psyche. I can equally appreciate the gentle details of a tree trunk and a sweet moment observed between a loving couple. I relish the details. I notice the way a drop of rain hits a puddle rather than the amount of it falling from the sky. I see the look exchanged between two people instead of the event that is taking place in front of me. I favor my visual awareness more than any of my other four senses.

I consider myself rather adventurous in spirit, so I visit my senses quite often. I pause to understand how my surroundings feed each of my five senses. When I’m hiking, I slowly soak in the scenery that my eyes fall upon. As I climb up the side of a mountain, my sense of touch is the most acute as I search for my next hold. When I sit in my kayak during a moonlit paddle, I listen to the sound of the water gliding gently under my paddle.

Everyday our senses are overwhelmed with the experiences we put ourselves into. Each message we receive as a result evokes an emotion and each emotion determines an outcome. We’re hardly aware of it though. I prefer to slow things down, understand the ingredients of my surroundings and savor the delicious feast I can cook up in my everyday encounters.

Be aware today,
Coach Katie

Friday, September 15, 2006

Lost in search of a new job?

If you're reading this post it probably means you are either:
a. Unhappy with your job and yes, looking for a new one OR
b. Know someone who is unhappy with their job and looking for a new one OR
c. Just curious what I have to say in case something should happen and you might look for a new job

Either way, read on.

In this day of fast paced, "gotta make it," growing up too fast attitudes...we tend to find ourselves lost in choices. I talk a lot about choices, but this is particularly about career choices. You want the world, but you need two years experience. No one will hire you without it. does that work?? You were forced to choose a major in college and studied hard for four, five...maybe six years. Now you are miserable in a job you hate, but feel stuck because that is your only degree. You've been working for years and are simply burned out and needing a change. BUT where do you go? What's next on your path?

If any of this resonates with you, I understand. Let's explore it.

CAREER BOOST is my next group coaching series. For two months, or 6 sessions, we will explore what an ideal career means to you. Each week will be filled with new exercises and tools to help you clarify your vision of what's important and what's not to you in your career.

No matter where you are located, you can participate! I am holding these one hour sessions on a telephone bridge line, so you can call in from anywhere. Each Thursday at 7:00 p.m. (EST), we will meet for one hour. You'll walk away with more passion, awareness and focus in regards to the type of career that best suits you.

This series begins on October 12, 2006. Cost is $100.

For more information, contact Katie at: 704.552.2419 or

I'd love to see you there...

Enjoy the journey,
Coach Katie

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Run Toward Your Dreams, Not Away

My biggest life lesson to date is that I am in control of my life. If things aren't going right, if I'm not happy with my friends, if I'm not content with my's on me. My responsibility. My fault. Most importantly, those frustrating circumstances stem from MY CHOICES.

I choose to stay. I choose to go. I choose to keep certain people around. Why is there comfort in misery? If you're not careful, it can start to feel like home. My inspiration today is measured by my happiness. Small steps turn to big steps, and soon you are running at a full pace toward your dreams. It's trite, but practice makes perfect. Taking small steps to ask for what you need, going after what you want and really seeking the answers to your questions becomes habit. Settling for less is not an option.

If someone does something to bother you, tastefully confront them about it. No need to say 'yes' to everything and overextend yourself. Accept the invitations that you truly want. Surround yourself with friends that you want to be around, who challenge you and who inspire you. Make a living at a job that fulfills you. Chose to release yourself from the comfort of stability and take a chance.

Someone once told me that the hardest part of running is the first two miles. Beyond that your body is adjusted to the physical strain, your breathing has become regular and your energy is up. Creating energy in your lifestyle is very much the same. When you first begin to make a change, to question, it's exhilirating but exhausting. Your brain wants to convince itself that it's too tired, or too hard. Keep pushing forward and slowly it becomes easier.

At some point, you can even enjoy the brisk air that surrounds you and the constant movement of your body and mind. Your scenery is of your choosing and your pace is your own. How far you run and how fast is up to you.

Choose for yourself this week. Clear your mind and find your vision.
-Coach Katie

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dollars and Sense!

80% of lottery winners in the United States file bankruptcy within 5 years.

Soak that in for a moment. 80%! Jack Canfield cited this fact in his book, The Success Principles before he went on to introduce a theory that completely changed how I thought about money. I hope it has the same effect on you and your own self limiting beliefs.

According to Jack's theory, those lottery winners became accustomed to having a certain amount of money. Have you ever gotten a big bonus from work only to blow it on a lot of expensive clothes, a car, some new gadget? You, too, were accustomed to a certain level of prosperity. We settle into a financial comfort zone.

For some, having a few thousand dollars in the bank is enough of a cushion. If that number jumps significantly in any direction, they adjust their lifestyle to return to their comfort zone. Be it spending or saving, we try hard not to stray from what we have become accustomed to.

If you can step outside of your own perspective, you can see that someone who has $50,000 in the bank can be just as comfortable living as someone who has $50,000 in debt. Each of those people are comfortable with their status because they have learned to live that way. Each lives in a way to maintain that standard.

Someone who doesn't have money is most likely uncomfortable driving through a rich neighborhood, or going to a fancy restaurant since it is such a stretch for them to do so. Their brains send messages of "I don't deserve to be here, I don't feel welcome here, I don't fit in here." Someone who has money probably doesn't think twice because they are so used to experiencing such wealth.

Those who have money will pinch, save and cut back in order to maintain a wealthy status if they've taken some sort of blow monetarily. Building reserves back up to that comfortable level becomes a serious goal. So why aren't we all rich?

We limit ourselves with our beliefs. Our silent messages rule what we feel we "deserve." Instead of stretching our monetary boundaries to experience a richer side of life, we would prefer to keep things the way they are. So...we blow our savings and repeat the same old stories in our heads. We also surround ourselves with others who can reinforce this "normal" income in our lives.

Jack Canfield had a boss and mentor who asked him to set a goal higher than he thought he could achieve. He set a goal to make $100,000 the next year. It took him five years to take that goal seriously, but once he did, he made $92,000. He used action, motivation and positive affirmation to remind himself of his goal and to work toward achieving it. Every year since then, he's made over a million. How's that for pushing boundaries?

Where is your comfort zone? How willing are you to stretch? If you're like me, you've begun making excuses: "Jack Canfield already had a name for himself to be able to reach such a goal. I bet he didn't have debt to pay off first. I'm married. I have children. I have a steady job." Whatever your story, let it go for the time being. Play with this principle. See what happens.

Pick any number that seems like "too" much in your head. Write it down, put a future date next to it and get to work. Just see what happens, see what doors open up for you, follow the flow of inspiration that begins. Begin to get comfortable with that number and revisit it every day. More than once if you can.

Dream big and expect more of yourself. You've made it happen before and your inner power for success is even greater than you are aware of. Stretch what you know and ask for what you want, even if it seems rediculous. Live with intent.

Create your reality,
Coach Katie

Friday, September 08, 2006

Learning to Live in Patience

I've finally taken control over a friend's computer in order to jump on the internet. My computer is currently ill and subsequently has been put in time out because I'm rather angry with it. Nothing can garble my brain waves more than computers, cars or pets being out of of commission for a while. It's been a week since I successfully used my computer for any length of time.

As a coach, I should know there is a lesson in this and that it's not worth getting worked up over. My brain, however, is trying to convince me otherwise. In any case, I'm learning to live with patience until I can again be a free internet loving woman. I am trying to have fun with this newly found time. I've caught up on old phone calls, a little bit of reading and even done some tidying around the office. I think it has been good for me. I move in stealth mode to catch a snapshot of my e-mail while there is a free computer around. All in all, I'd like to say I don't miss the internet one bit, but I really do.

Life can be challenging. A friend of mine once said that he thought challenges were the Universe's way of making sure we were on the right path. If we can't stand up to the challenge (or rather choose not to), then perhaps we really didn't want to go down that road afterall.

Think of any relationship you have been in. Some have worked out, some have not. For those of you that are married, or have had a friend for years, you know that it takes work. Through the challenges, your partnership becomes stronger. You choose to endure those hard times because you know deep in your heart that your two feet are planted firmly where they are meant to be.

While being without a computer for a week is hardly a serious challenge, I found wisdom in the brief reminder that this was just a small pebble in the road. Bigger boulders will find me in the future. Sometimes, when I'm really living authentically, the road ahead of me is straight and easy to navigate. I try to notice the little moments, find my lesson, right my path and move on to that straight road. I encourage you to try it.

Viewing our challenges as gifts of direction, motivation and support can do a world of good for the nerves. My family always used to ask me if I would remember whatever I worked up over in 10 years. Usually my answer was no. Is it worth our energy, stress, anxiety and anger if we are without our cars for two days? If someone cuts us off in traffic? If we fail to turn in a report on time? If we have a fight with our spouse? Not usually.

In the long haul, those aren't the moments we remember. They simply serve as reminders for us. I can't begin to describe to you, though I think you understand, how much I appreciate my car when I get it back after it's been in the shop. I'll feel the same way when my part comes in for my computer and I am happily lauching programs and surfing the internet. These moments teach me patience and appreciation.

Have a great weekend and give this a try: appreciate things before they are taken away. We all have so many gifts to share, friends to support us and peripheral "stuff" to help us along the way. Gratitude is a very becoming quality.

In gratitude and patience,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Struggling with Letting Go

In lieu of my last post about the stories we tell ourselves, I'd like to write a little bit about letting go. Maybe you have worked your way into awareness regarding what is holding you back, maybe you are still pushing forward with discovery. Either way, I can assure you that once you define a story to work through, you will want instant gratification. Awareness doesn't mean success, unfortunately. If you're anything like me, and I believe that most of you are, it's difficult to keep going after you've slipped backwards a few times.

Here is what I propose based on many books that I've read and many wise souls I have had the privilege of talking to: Learn to let go. Set your intention. Be sure it is confident, detailed and positive. Then let go. Unattach yourself from the outcome and see how your intention chooses to manifest itself in your life. Setting strong intentions takes a lot of work and learning to let go of the outcome takes a lot of self control!

Instead of stating that you want to lose weight, use language that is specific: On September 30th at 5 o'clock, I will weigh 130 lbs. By stating this so matter-of-factly, you keep yourself accountable. Instead of stating you want a better job, say something like: I deserve a job that uses my skills and talents. On January 1st, I will have done my research, discovered a better position for myself and will be actively seeking employment in that field.

I was once encouraged by a friend of mine to set my inentions on paper with magazine clippings and then write at the bottom,"This, or something better, is manifesting itself for me right now. I trust the Universe's plan for me."

I love that quote because it reminds me that I might not get exactly what I asked for. You know what? That is okay. Everything has a way of fitting together the way it is supposed to. We have wonderful things working their way into our lives right now. We just aren't aware of them yet. Sometimes what we ask for isn't what we need.

Friends, this is a hard concept to accept. I still struggle with letting go of the intentions I really, really want. We are all still creating our reality and that will never change. It's our responsibility to accept what we've created, continue working to make it better and share the knowledge we know. Often, I find that when I loosen my grip a little bit, everything seems to fall into place. Have you ever experienced this?

Practice this and know that I practice it with you,
Coach Katie

Monday, August 28, 2006

Positive Mantras

In my last post, I talked about creating a positive story, or mantra, to counter any negative stories you catch yourself in. Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D. and Traci Harrell have created a website dedicated to positive mantras and attitude shifters that can be downloaded onto an ipod or purchased on CD. Enjoy!

Check them out at:

Clearing out the Critical Clutter

Why can't I seem to keep friends? Why can't I keep a boyfriend? Why am I unhappy in my job? Why is my house such a wreck? Why do I keep getting sick? Why do I seem to be a magnet for bad tidings?

If these questions often circulate through your head, it's time to clear out the clutter. I don't necessarily mean physical clutter either. I am also referring to the critical thinking clutter we allow to take over our thoughts. It makes concentrating on anything hard and it hurts our self esteem. In coaching terms, we call these our stories. We each have certain stories we tell ourselves. Unfortunately, most of the time we don't even know we are being critical of ourselves because those thoughts have become such a part of our subconscious selves.

I'll share a story that I once tortured myself with. One day a friend of mine asked me to go climbing. I was thrilled to be asked as I always seemed to sit back and wait for someone else to do the asking. (Sound familiar?) Shortly after accepting the invitation, I became aware of a thought that went through my head. Almost immediately I said to myself that she was only asking me because she needed a climbing partner. I then noticed a pattern as I ran through a slew of other moments that people "only asked me to join them because..." I did adventurous activities, I had extra gear, they needed someone to go with...etc, etc.

It was a comfortable thought, which scared me. I knew that it was so natural because I had become so accustomed to believing and repeating it. I don't know when the thought started or how long I had been telling myself this story. It was subconscious until I caught myself. What a horrible lie I had been telling myself. I was subtracting my own self worth through a thought I didn't even know I was capable of! Of course these friends wanted me around.

I began practicing a change in attitude to clear out the critical clutter. Instead of thinking people only asked me to do things because they needed to, I began reminding myself that they wouldn't ask if they didn't want me there. Not to mention they didn't have to invite me in the first place! I began asking them to do things, too. This not only made me a better friend (it is a two way road!), but it also reinforced the fact that they wanted me around because they said yes when they could have said no. I then began a personal mantra to flip that story in my head every time I caught myself thinking it.

Not only did I learn something about myself, but I saw how I was hurting my own relationships through it. The time had come to stop blaming others and to stop making excuses. I noticed a pattern and the problems that manifested from it in my personal life. I took control, worked with my coach and came up with a solution to take responsibility. What a wonderful outcome I created! My friends have grown exponentially since then.

I encourage you today to listen to those little thoughts that race through your head. The ones that say you can't do it, you aren't worth it or that no one will care. Take control of your stories, flip them around and make sure you squash them before they do any more damage. Clear out the critical clutter to move forward and live an undeniably happy life because it starts with your actions. You ARE worth it, you CAN do it and I promise, we DO care. You're only as successful, personable and wise as you allow yourself to be. Why hold yourself back?

Love and encouragement,
Coach Katie

Monday, August 07, 2006

Wisdom from Jack Canfield

"The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

I am reading Jack Canfield's THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES and it is reinforcing everything I have ever known in life. At one point he references something General Wesley Clark told him. General Clark said, "It doesn't take any more energy to create a big dream than it does to create a little one."

This, of course, was in his section on creating a vision. Create your vision and make it big. You have unique talents and gifts. I do not know and will not know who will read this today...or tomorrow...or in ten years. Yet I am still confident that each of you reading this has a natural combination of gifts that no one else on this earth has. You have a voice and you have a purpose. Find what that is, embrace it, follow it and create your life around it. If you do that, nothing can stop you. Nothing is more powerful than a human being with a vision that has excitement, courage and anxiety pushing it forward.

Dream big today,
Coach Katie

Friday, August 04, 2006

Think Deep, Listen Hard and Trust Your Intuition

Artist/Band: Nickel Creek
Lyrics for Song: Hanging By A Thread
Lyrics for Album: This Side
There's a kind of emptiness that can fill you.
There's a kind of hunger that can eat you up.
There's a cold and darker side of the moonlight.
An' there's a lonely side of love.
There's a certain kind of pain that can numb you.
There's a type of freedom that can tie you down.
Sometimes the unexplained can define you,
And sometimes, silence is the only sound.

Wow. This song cut right through me. I had heard it a million times before, but I had not truly LISTENED. That is so true, so often in life. Only when you are ready to listen will your lessons reveal themselves. I was ready to hear what this song had to say. I was prepared to ponder the deeper meaning within myself. I ask that you do the same with them today. Take each line and really think of a time when that was true for you. Sit with each mismatching thought and allow them to melt together forming painful and loving truths about your character. Let those truths sink into your bones and LISTEN to the lessons they have for you.

Think deep today and listen carefully,
Coach Katie

Monday, July 31, 2006

Changing Seasons

I know it's only the end of July. I haven't lost my mind by writing about the changing of the seasons, I promise! I went biking at the Virginia Creeper Trail this past weekend and on our shuttle up the mountain, the driver stopped by an oak tree that was already starting to change colors. We all commented on how early it was. It seemed odd for the leaves to be changing already. He said it does this every year. Maybe it knows something we don't.

We all change seasons at different times in our lives. Some people are considered 'old souls.' Some are late to bloom. Where do you fall? What would happen if you had changed seasons sooner or later? What season of your life are you eager to enter into?

I'm featuring this thought as a full length article in my next e-newsletter. Sign up for FREE at:

Coach Katie

Monday, July 24, 2006

Morning Monologue: Get A Move On

Morning Monologue: Get A Move On

Get A Move On

There's a lot of waiting in life. One of my favorite quotes is by Joseph Campbell: "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be experienced." So much of our waiting game makes up that mystery. Things don't happen the way we want, or even expect, them to. All we can do is put ourselves in line with our values and set the path in front of us. What we encounter along that path is our mystery.

My request from you today is to get a move on. What do you want most? What makes you unhappy? What do you wish would happen? Give yourself a little control to set your path in motion. Start taking steps toward dissolving those things in your life that cause you discomfort and start adding to the pile of fun, meaningful and cherished moments.

What story continues to run through your head? Are you unhappy with your job? Unhappy with where you are living? Unhappy with your relationships? Do you want to visit Key West? Do you want to take a month off? Do you want to talk to that cute guy at the coffee shop? Do you want to work in a completely different field?

Get your momentum going in full force! Set your goal, set your action steps to align yourself with that goal and go after it. Start walking down that path and see what mysterious coincidences help you along the way. You never what is just around the corner-but you have to be open to seeing it! I talk a lot about awareness and this is key for today's blog. Being aware helps you to notice the little signs that point you toward your goal. It's like driving down a highway. How often do you notice the signs pointing to different destinations unless you are looking for them? Not often.

Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. Look for the signs. Begin your journey, even if it's scary.

Wake Up and Get a Move On Today!!
Coach Katie

Friday, July 14, 2006

All Worked Up

STRESS! It's summertime and everyone wants to be outside playing, not inside working. I've been hearing a lot of my clients, friends and family talk about how stressed they are. Everything is piling up right about the time we want some freedom. Is it more work or is it the hunger to get out of the office, away from the kids and out into the sunshine?

I think we each want to experience new things in the summer, too. We say yes more, we sign up for more, we ask more of ourselves and we take more chances. All of these cause stress because our time is then limited. Use your judgement before you say yes to everything regarding the amount of stress it will cause you in the long run.

I've talked about abundance before and I think it's important to bring it up again here. Having an abundance of time and energy in the summer is the best gift you can give yourself. Try to plan your PTO days so you have a few extra during the summer months, work hard to wrap up your projects in a timely manner instead of sitting on them. Stop daydreaming and get to work! Take some time in the middle of the day to step outside and take a quick walk around the building or make a phone call. The sun will warm you right up and give you a bit more energy to make it through the rest of the day.

When you are able to go outside and do what you love to do, don't take it for granted. Relish the moment. Take an active role in the perfection of those few precious hours that you are carefree. Drink them up, remember them. So often the time passes us by before we know it and we don't feel like we really took account of how special it was.

When you are super stressed, find something to represent how centered you can be. Use it to bring yourself back to the fact that your stress level in temporary and if you remain calm, everything will find a way of completing itself. This can be a small stretch in the middle of the day, a mantra or a touch stone.

Enjoy the summer days and make some time to kick back, relax and enjoy!
Coach Katie

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tiny Miracles

From a small book I own called Simple Wisdom comes this quote:

"Miracles surround us at every turn if we but sharpen our perceptions of them." -Willa Cather, writer

Use your perception today. Really see those miracles all around. Understand the miracle of a child reaching up for their parents' hand, the vegetable that a seed produces or the wisdom that made the internet possible. Wrap your mind around the gift you've been given to hear your friends laugh, to taste the food that you eat and to smell the summer air. Relish the moment that allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

I challenge you to find the small ones that often go unnoticed. What are your miracles today?

Have a great weekend,
Coach Katie

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Last night I was moved.

I want to share with you today the powerful impact a movie had on me. I hope you will consider seeing it for yourself. I hope you will consider making at least one change in the way you live to help this problem. An Inconvenient Truth is a movie bringing awareness to the growing issue of global warming on our society and the world. Al Gore does a superb job bringing this movie in front of those who need to see it – US. We are the problem and we are the solution.

Our inconvenient truth is that we are ruining this planet. It is a truth that we are all aware of. With every piece of trash we throw away, every tank of gas we fill up with, every hot day we turn our air conditioners on. We are aware of our creature comforts. We CHOOSE to ignore them, abuse them and convince ourselves that we are too small to do anything.

We are small. We are each one person. We each contribute to the effects of emissions and carbon dioxide used each year. TOGETHER we make a difference in the dissolving health of this planet. TOGETHER we can make a difference to begin changing our habits. TOGETHER we can make this planet healthy again.

I will leave the frightening statistics for Al Gore to share with you. I will tell you this – we cannot ignore this issue. It will affect us in our lifetime. It will affect our families and our children. This is not something we can ignore and eventually die wondering what impact we had. We will find discomfort in the coming years because of the state of our planet. How much discomfort are we willing to endure now to avoid the massive changes we are destined to see if we do nothing?

Please see this movie. Please help spread the word. Please start with you.

On a smaller scale, to tune this in to coaching, think about your own inconvenient truths. What are you avoiding now because it will hurt to face it? Is it a toxic relationship? A suffocating job? Fear? Loneliness? Wasteful nature? What is your inconvenient truth? Be honest. Plant the seed now in your soul – a brutally honest seed that you are harming yourself in the long run by not acting now. It hurts to remove the issue, but are the lasting effects negative in the long run? Are they negative in the short term if they continue?

What is your first step to move past this? Sometimes it is like ripping off a bandaid. Sometimes it is a slow removal. Do what works best for you, but don't stop until the problem is solved. Enlist friends and family. Put up notes to remind yourself. Journal. LIVE your life without the band aids. You don't need the crutch. You are strong enough, I promise. It starts with you. Make the choice, change the habits, create the flow of easy habits to continue moving forward.

My personal encouragement in the mountains. My desire to be in the mountains, to keep them pure, to keep them a healthy escape will spur me foward to make changes in my life to help this global warming problem. I will help spread the word. I will change my habits ( see the Take Action link to see what you can do as well). I will continue to tell people about this movie. I will do my part. My hope is that people take this problem seriously and do believe that they can start the momentum for this problem to begin healing. Help it along won't you?

In action and with passion,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Falling in Love with Yourself

Good morning,

I am attracting a lot of people lately with some self confidence issues. We all know what that means...I must be struggling somewhere in this department as well. Confidence comes in many packages. Everyone waivers at one point or another. Similarly, everyone is super confident at different times in their lives.

One area I am excited to share some information on is self confidence on the outside. Did you know that you can trick your psyche into thinking things? Sure! We all tell ourselves little lies and little truths. It's too bad we often don't even know we are doing it. Try to tune your awareness into what you tell yourself when you start to doubt and when you feel uplifted. Where does that little voice come from? If you can trick yourself into believing you are confident, that story will start to seep in through your skin, down to your bones and into your soul. Once you believe it, you will start to radiate that positive, confident energy and draw like minded people to you.

So...let's begin! Lately this has not been a hard task for me - falling in love with myself on the outside. For example, I enjoy kayaking and last night I went on a moonlight kayak with a few friends. As I was paddling, I looked down at the water and caught a glimpse of my arm where it bends at the elbow. That soft, subtle, womanly bend as it hollows out on the inside. It was sunset and the water was calm. As I paddled, I looked down and thought, "I am completely in love with the inside of my elbow right now." Is that crazy? Such a small part of me, yet I found such beauty in it. It was a personal thought, a truth I embedded into my heart. I share it as an example of falling in love with myself. It's not ego-based, it's not self-centered. It fed me and gave me outer confidence.

Everyday, find something new to fall in with on your body or in your actions. Consciously, but privately, tell yourself what that something is and why you love it. Go into detail. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror. Eventually, this spreads to the inside because the more you notice that you appreciate about yourself, the deeper you go. Before long, you'll be having inner dialogue about loving the way you are able to stand in line at the grocery store in patience. You will be loving things like your patience! How often do we admire things like that in other people? We just don't give ourselves enough credit. Have fun with it and tell yourself all of the positive ways you admire yourself on a daily basis. This slowly transforms your inner truths and your negative beliefs about yourself. Don't be surprised if it alters things like your posture and your ability to carry conversation.

Confidence is an interesting topic. It's an inward dialogue, but an outer show. Love yourself. From the inside out and the outside in. Find the root of the lies you tell yourself and find a way to flip the story. You are unique. You have gifts to offer the world that other people will benefit from. Share them, don't keep them locked up. Find something directly related to you to fall in love with today.

In beauty and confidence,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Magnetic Attraction. Letting Your Light Shine.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everyone seems to want to be around you? It could be a stranger in the grocery store, out of touch friends, people who used to be acquaintances, and on and on. Suddenly, your magnetic force is on high and you are pulling everyone into your world.

I’d like to share a personal story of mine on this topic. Not too long ago, my own coach and I worked on forming a mantra when I was feeling less than attractive. This mantra was meant to be something I would say to myself in order to be present in the moment. After a lot of missing the mark, my wording boiled down to: MY LIGHT SHINES NOW. I wanted to be this bright, shiny, glowing light that people wanted to be around. I started putting myself out there, having informal parties and really putting effort into my relationships. My reward has been an inundation of love, support and laughter.

I am having so much fun playing with this concept of creating reality. Wishing for something isn't going to do it. It's just not enough. You have to step into the spotlight for anyone to be able to see you. This requires action. It's not about being the center of attention, or stealing the limelight. It's about really allowing people to see you and, of course, I mean the real you.

Marianne Williamson once wrote, "Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do." What does this mean? Children don’t know how to be anything else. They are who they are. They ask the silly questions, they say the innocent things, they cry when they feel like it and they laugh when they feel like it. If we could all be so real, the world would be a much more understanding place.

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. If you are minimizing yourself, you are not being yourself. How can you expect anyone around you to really “get” you? Being a magnetic force is about being authentic, but not being selfish. If your intentions are purely to gain attention, it’s not enough. That fades. Being authentic attracts people who balance you.

By doing so, you are putting yourself in the light. In fact, you create the light. NOW people will see and appreciate you. Learn to love the mystery of human interaction, listen to the words people say to you and listen to your own words. Radiate your own authentic light and there is no stopping you.

Ending Marianne Williamson’s quote is this: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” Go inspire others today to uncover their hidden light. It starts with you.

Until next time,
Coach Katie

Monday, June 12, 2006

Finding Your Future Groove

It's hard to think ahead, to plan for the future. We often hear, 'enjoy today, be in the moment, but be responsible, plan ahead.' How do we accomplish all of this? I'll give you an outline for a way to find your future groove. Once you've completed the outline, it's important to revisit it often. Maybe once a month, maybe once a week depending on how detailed you get. Set goals for the future that are rewarding and achievable. You'll only get frustrated if you can't reach your goals because they were set too lofty.

Now, sit back and think about how you'd like to be in 20 years. I do mean how. What type of person do you want to be? Are you still working? Retired? Volunteering? Are you happy and relaxed or are you busy and challenged? Who is around you? Where are you living? Give this some serious thought. Just daydream for a little bit. Again, make sure you are being realistic. Would you really be happy on a 50 foot schooner? Do you even know how to navigate one? Be's your groove!

It's time to write these dreams down. Take out a piece of paper and separate it into four quandrants. In the first, write Relationships. Fill that section in with all you hope to have in 20 years regarding a mate, friends and family.

Once you are done, go to the next quandrant and write Finances. Fill it up with all that you want financially (realistically) in 20 years. Any savings, stocks, bonds, IRA's. The works. Write it all out. Is there any money you want to give away? Charity? College funds? Vacation?

Next is Personal. Here, write down what you would personally like to achieve in the next 20 years. Education, hobbies, travel, etc. Get it down on paper.

The last quandrant is Career. What job will you hold in 20 years? President of the company or might you have started your own company? Are you retired and working part time somewhere? Are you firmly planted in a job you love? Have you made a name for yourself? Write it all down.

Now, you have your visual tool for your future. How are you feeling about it? Are these tasks that you really want? If so, wonderful. Writing them down has released them. Before they were just thoughts in your head. Now, they are afiirmations on paper. Revisit this often as you start to take steps toward achieving your goals. Soon, you'll find that some of the items will happen on their own.

Enjoy this time of creation in your life!
Coach Katie

Friday, June 09, 2006

Power of Words

Underestimating the power of words in any relationship is dangerous. My intention today is not to talk about negative or hurtful words, but rather the words of the heart. How often are those spoken? Some are very open with their feelings, sharing their deepest respect and admiration for those close to them. Others, think it but never speak it.

Often, we assume the people that mean the most to us know it. But do they really? We might think of them often and appreciate them silently but when it comes to verbalizing our thoughts, we become mute. I'd like to challenge you today to speak up. Tell someone close to you what they mean to you. Tell a stranger you like their smile or their hair. Have a heart talk over the weekend with someone who means the world to you. You won't only make their day, but you will strengthen that relationship as well. Help them to understand their significance for you.

Power of Words

Underestimating the power of words in any relationship is dangerous. My intention today is not to talk about negative or hurtful words, but rather the words of the heart. How often are those spoken? Some are very open with their feelings, sharing their deepest respect and admiration for those close to them. Others, think it but never speak it.

Often, we assume the people that mean the most to us know it. But do they really? We might think of them often and appreciate them silently but when it comes to verbalizing our thoughts, we become mute. I'd like to challenge you today to speak up. Tell someone close to you what they mean to you. Tell a stranger you like their smile or their hair. Have a heart talk over the weekend with someone who means the world to you. You won't only make their day, but you will strengthen that relationship as well. Help them to understand their significance for you.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Abundance...of Attitude.

“Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.” -Sue Patton Thoele

What a truth that statement is! Living from a place of abundance is also a choice. Each day contains a choice about whether we wake up in control of our day, or dreading the path we have already set in motion. Having an abundance of favorable tasks, friends and love each day is our choice.

Abundance is such a tangible topic because it contains so many truths.

Abundance is a free gift to give. Abundance can be donated by means of time, love, energy, attention or even thanks. Having it allows you to share freely with others to increase their reserves. Have you ever dealt with a particularly stressful day, feeling stretched far too thin? Of course you have. On these days we often find ourselves running into the perfect person at the most opportune time. It could be the person who smiled and held the door, an old friend sending a quick e-mail, or a family member with some good news. In turn, each of us have offered this gift to others as well. You may not recognize the moment when you give it, but be assured it is appreciated. Creating emotional abundance allows each of us to be authentic, which invites more positive emotion each day.

Often, you have to give it to receive it. When you give of your own, you increase the abundance of others. Call it karma, call it destiny, but whether you are giving monetarily or emotionally, it often comes back to you. Giving it out and witnessing when and how it comes back creates awareness around the pattern of abundant giving which breeds reciprocation. Sometimes, the only reciprocation you need is a ‘thank you.’

It has to do with gratitude. We always have abundance, yet often we don’t recognize it. Our focus is often on what we want next, instead of what we have now. I’m sure your fridge is pretty well stocked, your belly seldom empty, your hair often washed, your love tank often full and your next paycheck often expected. Your life is already abundant. Remembering to be grateful for the abundance already in existence has become an afterthought. What if we thought in terms of abundant gratefulness? What if we were grateful for the lack of traffic on the way into work? Or, grateful for the fact that our cars run well or our roofs are not leaky? What if we were grateful for the fact that our eye appointment was just a checkup instead of an emergency? How different would your attitude toward abundance be then?

Abundance can make our lives simpler. Sure, having a large sum of money in our bank accounts creates an easier lifestyle. Think smaller though. What if you had enough toilet paper for the next six months? Filling up on the little things can reduce the number of trips to the store and increase the amount of time you have for the things you really want to do. Living in abundance is living more simply. Stock up on what you can now, so you can enjoy more free time and give more freely of yourself. When you aren’t stressed about all the “stuff” you have to do, it’s easier to be present in the moment.

“Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.” -Sue Patton Thoele

Attitudes shift with perspective. Rod Stryker, meditation teacher and founder of Pure Yoga, states: “You cannot attain what you already have.” Center yourself with this thought. Once your mind recognizes it is already abundant with love and peace, so then, is your life. Now, that’s an abundant attitude.

Until next time,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Getting Happy with the Big Picture

Climbing at Seneca Rocks this weekend was an eye-opening experience for me. In front of me stood this massive 900 foot mountain. And I was going to climb it. It was my biggest climb yet and I was so excited. Climbing is such a metaphor for life. It takes a huge amount of physical and mental perseverance. Sitting on top of that mountain reaffirmed for me that the bigger picture is often much larger than we can imagine. Climbing up I knew there would be a beautiful view at the top. My reward would most certainly be a lovely landscape and my sense of accomplishment.

My lesson, however, was much bigger than the view. Not only could I see for miles, but I suddenly felt very small. This sensation has occurred before on a mountaintop, but it was much more intense this time. I found myself reflecting on the bigger picture in my own life. We often focus so much on the small details, those hand and foot holds to keep scraping upwards. How often do we stop to think that the big picture, the lovely view, is always surrounding us?

I'll give you another example. Last December I had a serious relationship end. It was a hard time for me to try to promote my business, keep my spirits up and push myself. I'm in a much better place now, but you know what? Not all that much has changed. My business is still chugging along, my friends are still loving and supportive and my lifestyle is pretty much the same. Back in December I couldn't see how full my life was. I only saw the void where my happiness once was. Now, my source of happiness lies within myself, my big picture is what I had already created around me. I can see it now. It's tangible and it's real. Back in December I could only see the void and the huge mountain I had left to climb before I could again reclaim the good things in my life.

What are the small holds you are focusing on and how will you push off of them to keep moving forward? Take some time today to reflect on your big picture and how gorgeous the view really is. Breath taking and moving as you realize and reclaim all that you have created around you. What views will you set your eyes on next?

Enjoy the journey,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your Best Self

I started this post thinking it would be aimed at the ladies today. However, I would be willing to assume that many guys face this challenge as well. I'm talking about being your best self. I have lost count of how many friends and clients have confided that they feel less than adequate. I have to admit, sometimes I feel it, too. You know how every now and then you get a small glimpse of your true self? You leave a group feeling more than energized, you take a walk feeling totally at peace and open to life, you help out a friend and think THAT is my genuine self. So...where does it go during those in between times?

It doesn't go anywhere. That feeling is always within you. Did you hear that? Always. What changes is your environment. One minute you are thrilled to be around people because those people support your values and love you no matter what. Then, your environment changes and you are in a room of strangers or people who don't quite "get you." That's when we tend to change our behaviour to fit into our environment. Here is an important truth: you can't please everyone all the time and you can't be "up" all the time.

If we were "up" all the time we'd have nothing to compare our low moods to. Each of us is unique and has a special voice. We each have a message to share with the world. I would venture to say we each have many messages to share with the world. Think of how much wisdom you have gained from others. Wisdom is reciprocal and either you have passed that on at some point, or shared some of your own unique wisdom.

Bring yourself back to a place where you were most at peace, where you felt most authentic. Where was that place? What contributed to your peace? What about that environment supported your authenticity? Live there when you are uncomfortable. Feel that place. Bring yourself back to center with it so you can speak your true voice. When you are doing that, two things happen:

1. You are more attractive because you are authentic. People can't help but be attracted to authentic people.

2. You don't "need" the people who aren't attracted to you. Folks that just don't get it don't really matter anymore. You don't need to pursue their friendship or their company if you don't feel a connection. Why not? Because you know you need to surround yourself with people who understand and support you.

Now, it's important to remember that not everyone will get you every step of the way. Remember that your friends are human and make mistakes, too. However, they also respect and value your authentic self. They push you to be better. This is reciprocal by the way. So, who are the people in your life that understand you and push you to be your best self? Thank them today. Then plan a good night out to be lifted up and spirited. Have fun with this!

Peace and authenticity,
Coach Katie

Monday, May 22, 2006

Fuel for the Soul

After a relaxing weekend of climbing in the mountains, I am inspired to write about finding inspiration. As soon as we started driving into the mountains, I immediately settled into my seat and relaxed. For me, being in nature is an inspiration. I enjoy feeling the damp air, seeing the plush shades of green, hearing the wind in the trees and smelling the pure air. I love walking down a path and not knowing exactly what my eyes will fall upon next, or climbing and not knowing what view will be above the treetops. Being out there ignites every one of my senses. It's a wonderful escape for me from the busy city. My goal is to own property in the mountains. For now, they are my escape. Any time I am feeling out of balance, I plan a trip.

What is your escape? For some it is driving down a long windy road, for some it is being in the mountains or at the beach, for others walking around a busy city watching people all day. Where do you find you are most inspired? Describe it in terms of your senses. How often do you allow yourself this escape? Do others join you or is it most effective for you to be alone?

Try to narrow down exactly what that environment inspires in you. Think about the way it makes you feel. Where can you incorporate some of that feeling in your life? For instance, my office is a very mossy green color, very naturistic because that color evokes the feeling I have when I am in the woods on a spring day. Everything I surround myself with is earthy and natural colored. Can you bring some of your ideal environment into your everyday life? Think in terms of colors, sounds, smells, etc.

Enjoy your day today. Plan your next trip to bring balance back into your life. Use it as a little escape and some alone time to rejuvenate.

Inspiration and love,
Coach Katie

Friday, May 19, 2006

Passionate about our jobs

HA! It's completely impossible to be passionate about a job. No one really likes getting up and going to work day after day. Honestly, jobs are just a means to support the mortgage, car loan and student loans. Jobs offer a little extra cash to do some traveling, maybe a headache or two and perhaps a fight between myself and the ones I love. I can't do anything about the job I have, I'm stuck with it.

Do you agree with these statements? These are some of the lies we tell ourselves about having a job. If you were in a relationship and couldn't stand the other person...would you stay? My point is, why are you spending 40+ hours per week of your life doing something you don't like, respect or enjoy? Are you waiting for something better? Settling for what you have?

OR...are you really looking for that ideal daytime activity that will energize you...and pay you at the same time! I know, impossible right? I can't say I agree. There are people out there who love what they do everyday. It is possible. For most, jobs are necessary, yes. How intentional are you being about your search?

When I say search, I don't mean or I mean searching within yourself. Each of us already knows our purpose. I know it sounds crazy. The problem is that through our lives we have been asked to stop dreaming, to follow educational standards and to hide our true thoughts. Starting to sound familiar?

When I went to college, I studied graphic design. I liked it...but I didn't love it. I knew it wasn't my passion or my purpose. It paid the bills, it nurtured my creative side, it allowed me to have fun. So, what was the problem? It didn't fulfill ME. At the end of the day, I was tired, stressed and unfulfilled. I began researching other jobs. Everything that I took an interest in brought peace to the lives of others. Jobs such as massage therapy, yoga instructor, etc caught my attention. As soon as I started researching these paths, I attended a tele-class led by a life coach. I began researching what coaching was and I just knew that was my calling. That's when I began working with my own coach to see what the process was like. Then, I went back to school to study coaching. Before long, I started my own business. My own searching pulled me foward on a path that I didn't question. Every step led to someone or something who offered a gift in the form of advice, suggestion or knowledge.

I want to ask that you take some time today to explore your inner desires. Reflect on what jobs have peaked your interest at some point in your life and what common thread ties them together. Ask yourself why you don't like your current job and what might make you enjoy it more. Start researching, attending seminars, etc. Expand your learning and the right field will reveal itself. There are many ways to uncover the truth about where your calling is. This is the tip of the iceberg.

If you do feel stuck in your job, if you are drained by your work, if you are too tired to enjoy life by the time 5:00 comes around, my goal is for you to say to yourself: "I deserve more than this." Your life is too precious to be wasted. Your time is too valuable. I assure you that you deserve more if you are unhappy. Your spirit requires more. Take a step today, even it's only one, toward something better. Talk to someone new about what they do, read a magazine you wouldn't normally pick up and see what stands out at you or go online and type in a keyword that always brings you energy. Whatever it is, be intentional about it. Plant the seed that starts growing and see what kind of fruit you can reap from it later. Every person we encounter has a message for us, every experience has a lesson. Start listening.

Get serious about this change if it's really what you want. The only person that make it happen is YOU.

With gratitude and intention,
Coach Katie

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Coaching...what is coaching anyway?

In honor of the first posting of Morning Monologue, I'd like to dedicate this one to coaching. Often, people are intrigued by what I do, consistently asking the question, "what is a coach?" I'll give you a little background and my purpose for this blog. Sign on, let me know what you think and what you'd like for me to cover!

My purpose for Morning Monologue is to give away FREE coaching. I will do my best to address a coaching issue three times a week and post it to this blog. Please, feel free to send me other topics you would like to see covered. I'd love to hear some of the challenges you are facing and help inspire you to move past your roadblock. Here are a few examples of coaching topics:

You know that job you hate but can't seem to leave? Or those nagging negative thoughts regarding your strengths, values and worth? You know that task you've been putting off? You know those last 5 lbs you can't seem to shed? You know that lost feeling you sometimes get? You know that shy/scared/overwhelmed notion that creeps in at the most inopportune time? You know that dream you've buried so deep you can hardly remember it anymore? You know that feeling that you are not living your passion? You know that insanely chaotic life you are leading? Coaching can help.

Just becoming popular in the last decade or so, people seem to know the title of coaching, but get lost in the description. Coaching is about regaining control over your life: recapturing the actions, items or places that bring you energy and make you feel alive. Working with a coach allows for scheduled time to put yourself first. How often do you do that? I work with my clients three times a month. We have three hours of in depth talk about what you want, what you're missing and what you're going to do about it. In between our sessions, you continue to work toward your goals (do you see the additional time you are setting aside for yourself automatically through coaching?). Action is essential. A coach keeps you accountable for what you say you want to do. In addition, coaching stretches you little by little to reach for more.

Different from therapy, coaching works with you to determine what you want out of the rest of your life. It's not about dissecting why you are the way you are. It's about what you will do to be happy from this point forward. Coaches are NOT therapists, they will not pretend to be therapists and you should not use one if you need therapy. That being said, we might ask questions about your history to better understand where you are coming from, but our intention is not to diagnose you.

Okay, so hopefully that mini-description helped. You can visit to read more about my business and myself. My goal for this blog is to inspire you, even if it is just once, to seek out the things in life you really want. I'm not talkin about physical items, I mean people, places and activities that get you so excited you can't wait to tackle the next step. Working 40+ hours, juggling friends, family and obligations, it's easy to lose ourselves in the madness. I am passionate about helping men and women energize their moments again.

Make some space for yourself and start dreaming about what would add momentum and passion to your life! More to come Friday.

Signing off for now,
Coach Katie