Friday, June 09, 2006

Power of Words

Underestimating the power of words in any relationship is dangerous. My intention today is not to talk about negative or hurtful words, but rather the words of the heart. How often are those spoken? Some are very open with their feelings, sharing their deepest respect and admiration for those close to them. Others, think it but never speak it.

Often, we assume the people that mean the most to us know it. But do they really? We might think of them often and appreciate them silently but when it comes to verbalizing our thoughts, we become mute. I'd like to challenge you today to speak up. Tell someone close to you what they mean to you. Tell a stranger you like their smile or their hair. Have a heart talk over the weekend with someone who means the world to you. You won't only make their day, but you will strengthen that relationship as well. Help them to understand their significance for you.

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