Monday, May 22, 2006

Fuel for the Soul

After a relaxing weekend of climbing in the mountains, I am inspired to write about finding inspiration. As soon as we started driving into the mountains, I immediately settled into my seat and relaxed. For me, being in nature is an inspiration. I enjoy feeling the damp air, seeing the plush shades of green, hearing the wind in the trees and smelling the pure air. I love walking down a path and not knowing exactly what my eyes will fall upon next, or climbing and not knowing what view will be above the treetops. Being out there ignites every one of my senses. It's a wonderful escape for me from the busy city. My goal is to own property in the mountains. For now, they are my escape. Any time I am feeling out of balance, I plan a trip.

What is your escape? For some it is driving down a long windy road, for some it is being in the mountains or at the beach, for others walking around a busy city watching people all day. Where do you find you are most inspired? Describe it in terms of your senses. How often do you allow yourself this escape? Do others join you or is it most effective for you to be alone?

Try to narrow down exactly what that environment inspires in you. Think about the way it makes you feel. Where can you incorporate some of that feeling in your life? For instance, my office is a very mossy green color, very naturistic because that color evokes the feeling I have when I am in the woods on a spring day. Everything I surround myself with is earthy and natural colored. Can you bring some of your ideal environment into your everyday life? Think in terms of colors, sounds, smells, etc.

Enjoy your day today. Plan your next trip to bring balance back into your life. Use it as a little escape and some alone time to rejuvenate.

Inspiration and love,
Coach Katie