Friday, May 19, 2006

Passionate about our jobs

HA! It's completely impossible to be passionate about a job. No one really likes getting up and going to work day after day. Honestly, jobs are just a means to support the mortgage, car loan and student loans. Jobs offer a little extra cash to do some traveling, maybe a headache or two and perhaps a fight between myself and the ones I love. I can't do anything about the job I have, I'm stuck with it.

Do you agree with these statements? These are some of the lies we tell ourselves about having a job. If you were in a relationship and couldn't stand the other person...would you stay? My point is, why are you spending 40+ hours per week of your life doing something you don't like, respect or enjoy? Are you waiting for something better? Settling for what you have?

OR...are you really looking for that ideal daytime activity that will energize you...and pay you at the same time! I know, impossible right? I can't say I agree. There are people out there who love what they do everyday. It is possible. For most, jobs are necessary, yes. How intentional are you being about your search?

When I say search, I don't mean or I mean searching within yourself. Each of us already knows our purpose. I know it sounds crazy. The problem is that through our lives we have been asked to stop dreaming, to follow educational standards and to hide our true thoughts. Starting to sound familiar?

When I went to college, I studied graphic design. I liked it...but I didn't love it. I knew it wasn't my passion or my purpose. It paid the bills, it nurtured my creative side, it allowed me to have fun. So, what was the problem? It didn't fulfill ME. At the end of the day, I was tired, stressed and unfulfilled. I began researching other jobs. Everything that I took an interest in brought peace to the lives of others. Jobs such as massage therapy, yoga instructor, etc caught my attention. As soon as I started researching these paths, I attended a tele-class led by a life coach. I began researching what coaching was and I just knew that was my calling. That's when I began working with my own coach to see what the process was like. Then, I went back to school to study coaching. Before long, I started my own business. My own searching pulled me foward on a path that I didn't question. Every step led to someone or something who offered a gift in the form of advice, suggestion or knowledge.

I want to ask that you take some time today to explore your inner desires. Reflect on what jobs have peaked your interest at some point in your life and what common thread ties them together. Ask yourself why you don't like your current job and what might make you enjoy it more. Start researching, attending seminars, etc. Expand your learning and the right field will reveal itself. There are many ways to uncover the truth about where your calling is. This is the tip of the iceberg.

If you do feel stuck in your job, if you are drained by your work, if you are too tired to enjoy life by the time 5:00 comes around, my goal is for you to say to yourself: "I deserve more than this." Your life is too precious to be wasted. Your time is too valuable. I assure you that you deserve more if you are unhappy. Your spirit requires more. Take a step today, even it's only one, toward something better. Talk to someone new about what they do, read a magazine you wouldn't normally pick up and see what stands out at you or go online and type in a keyword that always brings you energy. Whatever it is, be intentional about it. Plant the seed that starts growing and see what kind of fruit you can reap from it later. Every person we encounter has a message for us, every experience has a lesson. Start listening.

Get serious about this change if it's really what you want. The only person that make it happen is YOU.

With gratitude and intention,
Coach Katie