Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Take A Step, Move a Mile

Thousands of writers have written about it, thousands of friends have advised with it, thousands of inspirational speakers have promoted it...

IT is the theory that if you do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to move towards a goal you have, you will be closer to it. Why?

Makes sense right? Martha Beck, author of Leaving the Saints, and contributor for O! The Oprah Magazine writes, "Your frustration comes not from a difficult choice but from the way you think you have to choose." Her first piece of advise about being happy is to do something. She says if that doesn't work, go do something else.

It kind of makes you laugh doesn't it? It seems so simple. To be something. Huh. That's not so hard. Our fears, our doubts and our inability to remain focused can be amazingly painful to our momentum. Do something today. Take that first scary step forward. Find that little twinge of excitement that comes from movement. Use that twinge to eventually create a flood of happiness into your life because you are actively pursuing what you WANT.

Start your momentum today,
Coach Katie