Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Falling in Love with Yourself

Good morning,

I am attracting a lot of people lately with some self confidence issues. We all know what that means...I must be struggling somewhere in this department as well. Confidence comes in many packages. Everyone waivers at one point or another. Similarly, everyone is super confident at different times in their lives.

One area I am excited to share some information on is self confidence on the outside. Did you know that you can trick your psyche into thinking things? Sure! We all tell ourselves little lies and little truths. It's too bad we often don't even know we are doing it. Try to tune your awareness into what you tell yourself when you start to doubt and when you feel uplifted. Where does that little voice come from? If you can trick yourself into believing you are confident, that story will start to seep in through your skin, down to your bones and into your soul. Once you believe it, you will start to radiate that positive, confident energy and draw like minded people to you.

So...let's begin! Lately this has not been a hard task for me - falling in love with myself on the outside. For example, I enjoy kayaking and last night I went on a moonlight kayak with a few friends. As I was paddling, I looked down at the water and caught a glimpse of my arm where it bends at the elbow. That soft, subtle, womanly bend as it hollows out on the inside. It was sunset and the water was calm. As I paddled, I looked down and thought, "I am completely in love with the inside of my elbow right now." Is that crazy? Such a small part of me, yet I found such beauty in it. It was a personal thought, a truth I embedded into my heart. I share it as an example of falling in love with myself. It's not ego-based, it's not self-centered. It fed me and gave me outer confidence.

Everyday, find something new to fall in with on your body or in your actions. Consciously, but privately, tell yourself what that something is and why you love it. Go into detail. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror. Eventually, this spreads to the inside because the more you notice that you appreciate about yourself, the deeper you go. Before long, you'll be having inner dialogue about loving the way you are able to stand in line at the grocery store in patience. You will be loving things like your patience! How often do we admire things like that in other people? We just don't give ourselves enough credit. Have fun with it and tell yourself all of the positive ways you admire yourself on a daily basis. This slowly transforms your inner truths and your negative beliefs about yourself. Don't be surprised if it alters things like your posture and your ability to carry conversation.

Confidence is an interesting topic. It's an inward dialogue, but an outer show. Love yourself. From the inside out and the outside in. Find the root of the lies you tell yourself and find a way to flip the story. You are unique. You have gifts to offer the world that other people will benefit from. Share them, don't keep them locked up. Find something directly related to you to fall in love with today.

In beauty and confidence,
Coach Katie