Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Struggling with Letting Go

In lieu of my last post about the stories we tell ourselves, I'd like to write a little bit about letting go. Maybe you have worked your way into awareness regarding what is holding you back, maybe you are still pushing forward with discovery. Either way, I can assure you that once you define a story to work through, you will want instant gratification. Awareness doesn't mean success, unfortunately. If you're anything like me, and I believe that most of you are, it's difficult to keep going after you've slipped backwards a few times.

Here is what I propose based on many books that I've read and many wise souls I have had the privilege of talking to: Learn to let go. Set your intention. Be sure it is confident, detailed and positive. Then let go. Unattach yourself from the outcome and see how your intention chooses to manifest itself in your life. Setting strong intentions takes a lot of work and learning to let go of the outcome takes a lot of self control!

Instead of stating that you want to lose weight, use language that is specific: On September 30th at 5 o'clock, I will weigh 130 lbs. By stating this so matter-of-factly, you keep yourself accountable. Instead of stating you want a better job, say something like: I deserve a job that uses my skills and talents. On January 1st, I will have done my research, discovered a better position for myself and will be actively seeking employment in that field.

I was once encouraged by a friend of mine to set my inentions on paper with magazine clippings and then write at the bottom,"This, or something better, is manifesting itself for me right now. I trust the Universe's plan for me."

I love that quote because it reminds me that I might not get exactly what I asked for. You know what? That is okay. Everything has a way of fitting together the way it is supposed to. We have wonderful things working their way into our lives right now. We just aren't aware of them yet. Sometimes what we ask for isn't what we need.

Friends, this is a hard concept to accept. I still struggle with letting go of the intentions I really, really want. We are all still creating our reality and that will never change. It's our responsibility to accept what we've created, continue working to make it better and share the knowledge we know. Often, I find that when I loosen my grip a little bit, everything seems to fall into place. Have you ever experienced this?

Practice this and know that I practice it with you,
Coach Katie