Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Share a little Daily Zen

This website is fantastic. Send someone special a little daily zen today to kick off the new year!

Enjoy your week,
Coach Katie

Raining on New Years

So it rained on New Years. Not a light rain, but a steady and heavy rain. All night. Like Mother Nature was releasing all of her hurt and anguish from 2006. Or maybe she was sharing tears of happiness for all the memorable moments. I got to thinking about how wonderful an experience it was to run around in the rain on New Years Eve. Cleansing one year from my body and starting clean. Washing away the past and emerging refreshed as we counted down the seconds. What a spectacular way to wind up one year and embrace the next. How symbolic. I wish for 2007 to be as great as 2006. And I have a very sneaking suspicion that it will be just brilliant. Happy New Year everyone.