Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Last night I was moved.

I want to share with you today the powerful impact a movie had on me. I hope you will consider seeing it for yourself. I hope you will consider making at least one change in the way you live to help this problem. An Inconvenient Truth is a movie bringing awareness to the growing issue of global warming on our society and the world. Al Gore does a superb job bringing this movie in front of those who need to see it – US. We are the problem and we are the solution.

Our inconvenient truth is that we are ruining this planet. It is a truth that we are all aware of. With every piece of trash we throw away, every tank of gas we fill up with, every hot day we turn our air conditioners on. We are aware of our creature comforts. We CHOOSE to ignore them, abuse them and convince ourselves that we are too small to do anything.

We are small. We are each one person. We each contribute to the effects of emissions and carbon dioxide used each year. TOGETHER we make a difference in the dissolving health of this planet. TOGETHER we can make a difference to begin changing our habits. TOGETHER we can make this planet healthy again.

I will leave the frightening statistics for Al Gore to share with you. I will tell you this – we cannot ignore this issue. It will affect us in our lifetime. It will affect our families and our children. This is not something we can ignore and eventually die wondering what impact we had. We will find discomfort in the coming years because of the state of our planet. How much discomfort are we willing to endure now to avoid the massive changes we are destined to see if we do nothing?

Please see this movie. Please help spread the word. Please start with you.

On a smaller scale, to tune this in to coaching, think about your own inconvenient truths. What are you avoiding now because it will hurt to face it? Is it a toxic relationship? A suffocating job? Fear? Loneliness? Wasteful nature? What is your inconvenient truth? Be honest. Plant the seed now in your soul – a brutally honest seed that you are harming yourself in the long run by not acting now. It hurts to remove the issue, but are the lasting effects negative in the long run? Are they negative in the short term if they continue?

What is your first step to move past this? Sometimes it is like ripping off a bandaid. Sometimes it is a slow removal. Do what works best for you, but don't stop until the problem is solved. Enlist friends and family. Put up notes to remind yourself. Journal. LIVE your life without the band aids. You don't need the crutch. You are strong enough, I promise. It starts with you. Make the choice, change the habits, create the flow of easy habits to continue moving forward.

My personal encouragement in the mountains. My desire to be in the mountains, to keep them pure, to keep them a healthy escape will spur me foward to make changes in my life to help this global warming problem. I will help spread the word. I will change my habits (http://www.climatecrisis.net/ see the Take Action link to see what you can do as well). I will continue to tell people about this movie. I will do my part. My hope is that people take this problem seriously and do believe that they can start the momentum for this problem to begin healing. Help it along won't you?

In action and with passion,
Coach Katie