Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your Best Self

I started this post thinking it would be aimed at the ladies today. However, I would be willing to assume that many guys face this challenge as well. I'm talking about being your best self. I have lost count of how many friends and clients have confided that they feel less than adequate. I have to admit, sometimes I feel it, too. You know how every now and then you get a small glimpse of your true self? You leave a group feeling more than energized, you take a walk feeling totally at peace and open to life, you help out a friend and think THAT is my genuine self. So...where does it go during those in between times?

It doesn't go anywhere. That feeling is always within you. Did you hear that? Always. What changes is your environment. One minute you are thrilled to be around people because those people support your values and love you no matter what. Then, your environment changes and you are in a room of strangers or people who don't quite "get you." That's when we tend to change our behaviour to fit into our environment. Here is an important truth: you can't please everyone all the time and you can't be "up" all the time.

If we were "up" all the time we'd have nothing to compare our low moods to. Each of us is unique and has a special voice. We each have a message to share with the world. I would venture to say we each have many messages to share with the world. Think of how much wisdom you have gained from others. Wisdom is reciprocal and either you have passed that on at some point, or shared some of your own unique wisdom.

Bring yourself back to a place where you were most at peace, where you felt most authentic. Where was that place? What contributed to your peace? What about that environment supported your authenticity? Live there when you are uncomfortable. Feel that place. Bring yourself back to center with it so you can speak your true voice. When you are doing that, two things happen:

1. You are more attractive because you are authentic. People can't help but be attracted to authentic people.

2. You don't "need" the people who aren't attracted to you. Folks that just don't get it don't really matter anymore. You don't need to pursue their friendship or their company if you don't feel a connection. Why not? Because you know you need to surround yourself with people who understand and support you.

Now, it's important to remember that not everyone will get you every step of the way. Remember that your friends are human and make mistakes, too. However, they also respect and value your authentic self. They push you to be better. This is reciprocal by the way. So, who are the people in your life that understand you and push you to be your best self? Thank them today. Then plan a good night out to be lifted up and spirited. Have fun with this!

Peace and authenticity,
Coach Katie

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