Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Getting Happy with the Big Picture

Climbing at Seneca Rocks this weekend was an eye-opening experience for me. In front of me stood this massive 900 foot mountain. And I was going to climb it. It was my biggest climb yet and I was so excited. Climbing is such a metaphor for life. It takes a huge amount of physical and mental perseverance. Sitting on top of that mountain reaffirmed for me that the bigger picture is often much larger than we can imagine. Climbing up I knew there would be a beautiful view at the top. My reward would most certainly be a lovely landscape and my sense of accomplishment.

My lesson, however, was much bigger than the view. Not only could I see for miles, but I suddenly felt very small. This sensation has occurred before on a mountaintop, but it was much more intense this time. I found myself reflecting on the bigger picture in my own life. We often focus so much on the small details, those hand and foot holds to keep scraping upwards. How often do we stop to think that the big picture, the lovely view, is always surrounding us?

I'll give you another example. Last December I had a serious relationship end. It was a hard time for me to try to promote my business, keep my spirits up and push myself. I'm in a much better place now, but you know what? Not all that much has changed. My business is still chugging along, my friends are still loving and supportive and my lifestyle is pretty much the same. Back in December I couldn't see how full my life was. I only saw the void where my happiness once was. Now, my source of happiness lies within myself, my big picture is what I had already created around me. I can see it now. It's tangible and it's real. Back in December I could only see the void and the huge mountain I had left to climb before I could again reclaim the good things in my life.

What are the small holds you are focusing on and how will you push off of them to keep moving forward? Take some time today to reflect on your big picture and how gorgeous the view really is. Breath taking and moving as you realize and reclaim all that you have created around you. What views will you set your eyes on next?

Enjoy the journey,
Coach Katie

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