Monday, June 05, 2006

Abundance...of Attitude.

“Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.” -Sue Patton Thoele

What a truth that statement is! Living from a place of abundance is also a choice. Each day contains a choice about whether we wake up in control of our day, or dreading the path we have already set in motion. Having an abundance of favorable tasks, friends and love each day is our choice.

Abundance is such a tangible topic because it contains so many truths.

Abundance is a free gift to give. Abundance can be donated by means of time, love, energy, attention or even thanks. Having it allows you to share freely with others to increase their reserves. Have you ever dealt with a particularly stressful day, feeling stretched far too thin? Of course you have. On these days we often find ourselves running into the perfect person at the most opportune time. It could be the person who smiled and held the door, an old friend sending a quick e-mail, or a family member with some good news. In turn, each of us have offered this gift to others as well. You may not recognize the moment when you give it, but be assured it is appreciated. Creating emotional abundance allows each of us to be authentic, which invites more positive emotion each day.

Often, you have to give it to receive it. When you give of your own, you increase the abundance of others. Call it karma, call it destiny, but whether you are giving monetarily or emotionally, it often comes back to you. Giving it out and witnessing when and how it comes back creates awareness around the pattern of abundant giving which breeds reciprocation. Sometimes, the only reciprocation you need is a ‘thank you.’

It has to do with gratitude. We always have abundance, yet often we don’t recognize it. Our focus is often on what we want next, instead of what we have now. I’m sure your fridge is pretty well stocked, your belly seldom empty, your hair often washed, your love tank often full and your next paycheck often expected. Your life is already abundant. Remembering to be grateful for the abundance already in existence has become an afterthought. What if we thought in terms of abundant gratefulness? What if we were grateful for the lack of traffic on the way into work? Or, grateful for the fact that our cars run well or our roofs are not leaky? What if we were grateful for the fact that our eye appointment was just a checkup instead of an emergency? How different would your attitude toward abundance be then?

Abundance can make our lives simpler. Sure, having a large sum of money in our bank accounts creates an easier lifestyle. Think smaller though. What if you had enough toilet paper for the next six months? Filling up on the little things can reduce the number of trips to the store and increase the amount of time you have for the things you really want to do. Living in abundance is living more simply. Stock up on what you can now, so you can enjoy more free time and give more freely of yourself. When you aren’t stressed about all the “stuff” you have to do, it’s easier to be present in the moment.

“Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.” -Sue Patton Thoele

Attitudes shift with perspective. Rod Stryker, meditation teacher and founder of Pure Yoga, states: “You cannot attain what you already have.” Center yourself with this thought. Once your mind recognizes it is already abundant with love and peace, so then, is your life. Now, that’s an abundant attitude.

Until next time,
Coach Katie

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