Friday, December 22, 2006

Momentum Coaching's Newest Additions

Good morning,

I wanted to update you on some of my new additions for 2007! I'm looking for new energy, new challenges and new experiences in the New Year (do you see a theme here?). Here's a sneek peek at the new pathways for Momentum Coaching:

Personal Momentum:
Tackle your personal goals, practice extreme self care and get ready to indulge in life. Personal Momentum is one-on-one coaching done 3 times a month via phone in 60 minute sessions. Through our sessions, we will work on ways to increase your own personal momentum by creating awareness and action and accountability in your life.

Professional Momentum:
Move closer to your passion and gain focus! Navigate your way through a sea of career choices by exploring what you truly want out of a profession. This pathway includes six weeks of career coaching that are bursting with exercises to visualize the type of future you want, embrace the unique strengths you possess and give you the tools to become a magnet for your ideal career. Indulge in a career that supports your life instead of living your life around your job!

Romantic Momentum:
Coming up with fresh ideas in a relationship is not an easy task. Romantic Momentum is a short series of one-on-one sessions for planning unique dates, anniversaries or engagements. This step-by-step process helps you get in touch with your inner creative romantic and the little details that make your relationship special. Create the perfect romantic occasion for you and your partner!

Take advantage of a new year early and get a jumpstart on those burning goals and beautiful dreams you hold so close. I would love to hear from you! Energize your moments in 2007 with a new perspective!

Enjoy the journey and create your adventures,
Coach Katie

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